Translating Proper Nouns in the Holy Quran into English: An Analytical Study

Dr. Tawfeeq M. Ahmed & Ali Hussain Ali,

College of Education for Humanities, University of Karbala, Iraq


Translators often encounter many challenges in their task. Accurate translation of proper nouns from one language to another is one of the main challenges. The current study tries to shed the light on translating Arabic proper nouns into English. It is a kind of religious text translation, for all the procedures of translation are in general and translation of the Holy Quran in specific. The study consists of two parts. The first is the theoretical background concerning the nature of translation, difficulties, and strategies to solve them. The second part is the practical one which analyzes translated samples of Arabic proper nouns mentioned in the Holy Quran by four translators. The study ends with some conclusions.

Key words: Arabic, Proper Noun, Translation 

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