Effect of Tests with Pictures and Non-Picture Strips on EFL Senior High School Students' Writing Performance

Mahmoud Saa'edi Asl & Ahmad Cha'b,

Allameh Tabatabai’ University, Iran


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of pictorial materials on enhancing the English writing performance of Iranian secondary students. The subjects selected randomly were 40 male students studying in pre-university secondary schools.  For the research purpose, the researcher designed two different types of pictures- strips and non-strips. He, then, divided the participants into two main groups as high and low achievers and then each group into two subgroups, each with 10 students and tested the materials with them. For the data analysis, the statistical procedure –ANOVA- was run to compare the performances of these four groups. The results of the study showed that the pictorial materials especially the strips pictures had positive effects on the student’s performance and developed the students’ abilities in writing English paragraphs. Moreover, it was revealed that the students who used the program were motivated and their performance was influenced positively. Meanwhile, it was found that using picture series improved the students’ quality of writing and developed an area of interest to be creative and encouraged in writing processes. Peer learning and developing learners' hand writing are another advantages of writing via pictorial materials in this research.

Keywords: Pictorial Materials, Pictorial Paragraph-Based Writing, Writing Performance, Pictures Strips, Non-Picture Strips, Developing Writing 


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